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— Giovanna Fleming, Buffalo, New York 


Are you planning a Wedding? Great! Now, in your planning process are you finding that getting all the details in order just a little overwhelming? If so, you are simply going to LOVE this Masterful Wedding Planner!



    Hi Everybody, My name is Jack Barrett and I have been a successful Wedding DJ for 23 Years. I have seen it all!

I could only wish I had this wonderful tool when I started out my DJ Career.

I am not the author of this publication. The Author of The Master Wedding Planning Guide is Julie White…I am simply a conduit to get this into everyone’s hands from Banquet Managers to DJs to Photographers to Parents of the Bride and Groom—and YES To Brides and Grooms. That is why I designed this Website.

DID you know that there are over 50,000 wedding sites?

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…What I want you to know is that I designed my Master Wedding Planning Guide to be the easiest to follow system for learning how to plan a wedding available. It is jam-packed with information, including step-by-step EVERYTHING that needs to be planned, booked and organized, the questions that you must ask to make sure that you get what YOU want and avoid being taken advantage of, timelines, budgets, over 250 of your questions answered, over 15 cost-savingng tips covering every aspect of your wedding, seating plans, bride/groom photos and much more…

…My Master Wedding Planning Guide will teach you how to plan your wedding like a professional wedding planner, so you can organize everything and be as prepared as you can be, while still having that once in a lifetime wedding you have always dreamed about – this is truly cutting-edge material!

Thousands of people worldwide, just like you, have used my unique Master Wedding Planning Guide to plan an awesome and awe-inspiring wedding, while having piles of fun in the process. Will you be next?

– By Julie White
Author of The Master Wedding Planning Guide

Do you have questions on etiquette OR protocol?

 Taken from Julie’s actual Wedding Planner website:

Consider just 28 out of 250 questions…ORDER HERE

  • How should you word your wedding invitations, service booklets and thank you cards?–This Wedding Planner will tell you.

  • How to tell your parents you want to planbookcover_v1.02 your own wedding.

  • Wedding etiquette for a pregnant bride.–This Wedding Planner will tell you

  • How can you invite people to the wedding tactfully if you don’t want to invite their children?–This Wedding Planner will tell you

  • Who should pay for the rehearsal dinner?This book will tell you

  • What to do about divorced parents who don’t get along?–This Wedding Planner will tell you

  • Paying for the wedding… who pays for what?

secretary.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4

  • How can you include multiple parents/relatives in the wedding ceremony?–This Wedding Planner will tell you

  • What happens to traditions when you have divorced/remarried parents? –This Wedding Planner will tell you

  • What order does the Wedding Party walk in too?–This Wedding Planner will tell you

  • How much should you tip the wedding minister?–This Wedding Planner will tell you

  • What to do about cultural differences.––This Wedding Planner will tell you

  • How do you ask family members for contributions towards your wedding?–This Wedding Planner will tell you

  • What to do about child care during a wedding?–This Wedding Planner will tell you

  • What is first dance etiquette?–This Wedding Planner will tell you

  • Stanford Alpine Chalet Photo 5

  • How do you let an unfashionable wedding guest know how to dress?–This Wedding Planner will tell you

  • How many wedding gift registries should you have?––This Wedding Planner will tell you

  • Which children should you invite to the wedding? –This Wedding Planner will tell you

  • Which co-workers should you invite to your wedding?–This Wedding Planner will tell you

  • Can a girl be the ring bearer? (Yes I’ve had a few people ask me that one)–This Wedding Planner will tell you

  • How to set the ideal date for your wedding.This Wedding Planner will tell you

  • Who pays for bridesmaids dresses? –This Wedding Planner will tell you

  • Who should you invite to the rehearsal dinner.–This Wedding Planner will tell you

  • How to avoid wedding crashers?–This Wedding Planner will tell you

  • What to do if you have a wedding date conflict.–This Wedding Planner will tell you

  • Suggestions for who pays in a modern world.–This Wedding Planner will tell you

  • What to do with challenging guests.–This Wedding Planner will tell you

  • imagesDrunks 13


  • What to do if people want to bring dates and you are short on space.–This Wedding Planner will tell you

  • Who should walk you down the aisle if you father has passed away?This book will tell you

  • … And hundreds more of YOUR questions answered…

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  • Money Saving Tips for EVERY PART of your Wedding: So that you can have a superb wedding without having to worry about paying it off for years to come. Slash your wedding costs by 40% or more.

  • The KEY QUESTIONS you MUST ask the potential photographer… videographer… floral arranger… caterer… venue provider… band… celebrant/minister… and everyone else associated with the wedding… in easy-to-use checklists.

  • A FULL WEDDING TIMELINE… Find out what you should do after the proposal… six months before the wedding… one month before the wedding… the week before.

  • AWESOME budgeting tables. You’ll never have to face the horror of coming back from your honeymoon to face a mountain of unpaid wedding bills. Eliminate any nasty surprises and keep track of your budget and bills with our handy 6 page “Wedding Budget” worksheet.

  • A Massive VIDEO and PHOTO CHECKLIST: So that you can make 100% sure that you have every photograph and video footage covered. After all you only get one chance to get it right!

  • Find out EXACTLY what each member of the bridal party’s role and responsibilities are… the maid/matron of honor… the bridesmaids… the bestman… the groomsmen… even the bride and groom!

  • The RECOMMENDED ORDER OF EVENTS for the reception… and the wedding ceremony. Of course, you can do it your own way but it is always good to have something to work from that you know will work well!

  • The FULL Wedding Etiquette For Each Stage of the Wedding: Discover every detail that you need to know to make the day a huge success, not only for yourselves, but for all of your family and friends.

  • Lots of Wedding Planning Tables and Charts: So that you can save time by quickly and easily seeing where the guest list, gift list, seating arrangement, wedding budget and more is at.

A Fully Downloadable Book: So that you can save time by having this wedding planning package on your computer within 3 minutes!

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