FAQ for Jack the Lake Tahoe / Reno DJ

Are you the one that will be DJing my Wedding; Anniversary ect?

Yes, I am a sole proprietor and always do all the planning; music acquisition; technical lighting, emceeing, meetings; ect. In person.

Do you carry a back up sound system and plan?

Yes, at every event.I have an extra Cd Players, and a Laptop w extra 3TB & Speakers too

How many song titles do you have at each event?

Currently I have over 198,000 on a 4TB plus a full second 3TB back-up

Why don’t you belong to the local wedding Associations?

While I admire and respect all of the Nevada Lake Tahoe / Reno DJ Wedding Associations, and NACE however, to belong to them can costs upwards of $1000 a year—At this time: I prefer to spend that  money on updating my State-of the Art Sound System; Light Show and Music Collection, as well as, pay my yearly dues the American Disc Jockey Association. …But, I may join them soon, who knows–

Do you charge extra for more microphones?

Absolutely not. For weddings I have many stand up Microphones and Lapel Mics for the officiant and couples.

Do you charge extra for lights?

For a LARGE laser light show $100 Extra–

How long have you been a DJ?

23 years—including nightclubs in Dallas, L.A., Palm Springs, and Lake Tahoe SEE: Clubs

There may be many more questions you have, all of which I would be happy to address. Please call me for more information.


Warm regards,


Jack, The Music Doctor DJ Service

(Resume below)


Jack Barrett



PERSONAL DATA                             DJ / Emcee 23 years.






Fresca Soft Drink                                                    Waddies Boomtown

Toyota of Dallas, Texas                                          The Peppermill restaurants

Delta Airlines of United States                            John Auscuaga’s Nugget

Northern Nevada Dairymen                                 Harrah’s Club Restaurants

Washoe Medical Center                                          IMS Insurance

Assist to Sell Housing                                               Creative Tile Works of Nevada

Computer Geek




Little Waldorf Saloon                                                Tax Account Pros

Over 12 Northern Nevada Nightclubs                  The Music Doctor

Promos                                                                             Waddies Boomtown

Toyota of Dallas, Texas                                              The Peppermill restaurants

Delta Airlines of United States                                John Auscuaga’s Nugget

Northern Nevada Dairymen                                     Harrah’s Club Restaurants

Washoe Medical Center                                              IMS Insurance

Assist to Sell Housing                                                   


Creative Tile Works of Nevada



Emcee: The Grove In South Reno Wedding Fair and Fashion Show

Dallas Texas City Mall Fashion Show

Park Lane Mall, Reno Nevada

Hot In The City” Peppermill Fashion Show

Kim Dawson Ramp and Fashion Shows, Dallas, Texas

Bridal Fairs– Texas, Nevada, California… Commercial acting

Martis Camp—Truckee, Ca




Van Mar Acting Academy– Orange County, California

Worldwide Theatrical Management—Los Angeles

Various Acting and TV Commercial Workshops Dallas, L.A. Reno

Acting Award –Sacramento State College

“Where Have All The Lightning Bugs Gone?”—Louis E. Catron




Snow/Water Skiing; Volleyball; Swimming; Diving; Golfing; Voice impressionists; and Music lover