$500 Anniversaries

Hello and thank you for visiting our ‘Anniversaries’ section. Are you planning a 10th, 20th, 25th, 30th, or 50th anniversary? Is it for you or is it a surprise for someone else? Whatever the case you want to keep two things foremost in mind.

  • First, all attention should be on the couple and their guests not on the DJ

·  Second, you want to make sure your DJ knows the various styles of music and dances that will be included in your planning and that he/she will not be keeping your family, friends, and guests in the past all night as there will be young ones wanting to be included in the dance sets also .

    We here at the Music Doctor’s Professional full-time DJ Service have done hundreds of extremely successful, enjoyable and memorable anniversary parties. Therefore, we are probably in a good position to address any questions on protocol or any concerns you might have so as to instill within you confidence in planning your “worry-free” and truly elegant dinner and dance anniversary party.

   For more information, or if we can address any of your questions or concerns, please contact us! We’ll look forward to hearing from you.